Complete Local Beach Guide: Bronte Beach

Bonte Beach is a relatively small beach located 2.5km south of Bondi. It’s only 250m in length, But despite of small size, it is visited by many throughout the year. The beach faces east, creating different surfing conditions compared to Bondi beach.

Access to Bonte Beach

You can access Bronte Beach by car or public transport.

Using your car takes around 30 minutes from Sydney CBD. The traffic can be pretty slow, and parking can be troublesome at Bonte Beach.

Public Bus route 379 from Townhall can get you to Bronte, and it takes around 40 minutes.

Snapshot of Bonte Beach Surfing Condition

Types of WavesBeach Break with rocks on the south end
Best Swell Direction S, SE, NE ( Will have the most size from S)
Best Wind Direction W, N, NW
Current/RipPermanent rip on far south and north near the headland
The current can be strong with large waves.
Best Swell size 2-5 ft
Surfers’ LevelBeginner-Intermediate with some advanced surfers
Crowd density Very High
Localism Low – visited by many different levels of surfers.
Bronte Beach Surfing Condition

Surfing at Bonte Beach feels intimate with the relatively small beach size and cliff surrounding you.

South Bronte has a rocky bottom, and if you are unsure about surfing on the top of the rocks, try mid to north of Bronte.

Lifeguard at Bronte beach reassured me that these rocks are not razor sharp and are mainly covered with conjevoi – sea creatures with a firm sponge feel, and it’s relatively deep. Therefore, the chances of hitting these rocks are quite low and relatively safe compared to other reef breaks.

Unlike Bondi, there is no designated soft board area. Just like any other beaches, you are not allowed to surf between the flag (Swimmers Only)

Is It Safe to Swim at Bronte Beach

Bronte Beach, dark blue areas are rock floors.

Lifeguards patrol Bronte beach throughout the year, and it’s safe to swim there when the condition is appropriate.

Always swim between the flags: lifeguards check the conditions daily, and they place these flags in safe-swimming zone.

Keep in mind that ultimately, you are responsible for your own safety as well as your children’s. Do not go in if unsure and don’t let your children out of your sight.

Are There Sharks In Bronte Beach?

A total of three shark attacks have been recorded in Bronte Beach. The last minor attack was in 2005, and the critical attack occurred back in 1924 when the victim lost both legs. If you are interested in details on shark attacks in Sydney, read here.

Bronte Beach Rockpool

Bronte Beach Rockpool is a fantastic pool, and you may jump off the swim in the ocean and do some snorkelling. However, always check the surfing condition as the waves get bigger; the current can be quite strong.

Bronte Beach Rockpool

Parking At Bonte Beach

Parking at Bronte Beach is a big challenge. There are some free parking available surrounding the beach, and paid parking spots are also quite limited. Even paid parking spots are quite limited,

Other Activities To do At Bonte Beach


Bronte has a large entertainment area at the back of the beach. There are many shaded shelter with a BBQ facility.

If you have a large group of people, Bronte might be one of the best options on Eastern beaches.

BBQ and Entertainment Area At Bronte Beach

Bondi-Bronte Walk

This 2.5 coastal walk boast fantastic view covering Bronte, Tamarama and Bondi Beach.

Bronte To Bondi or Bondi To Bronte Walk
Tamarama Beach

Where To Eat At Bronte Beach

There is a small cafe outside the beach serving coffee and simple meals.

On the south of the beach, there are 4-5 restaurants and cafes.

Other Beach Around Bronte Beach


Maroubra Beach


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