Complete Beach Guide: Curl Curl Beach

Curl Curl Beach, also known as ‘Curly’ by locals, is a swell magnet with a powerful beach break compared to surrounding beaches attracting more experienced surfers. It’s a long stretch of 1.2km and has a rock pool on the south side of the beach and a lagoon on the north side.

Name Curl Curl may have originated from the Aboriginal saying ‘Curial Curial’ meaning river of life.

The beach is separated into two sections: North Curl Curl and South Curl Curl and they have their surf clubs. However, it’s continuous without a specific landmark division.

Snapshot of Curl Curl Beach For Surfing

Types of BreakBeach Break. Tend to be bigger and stronger than surrounding beaches.
Best Swell Direction NE, SE, S ( Tend to closeout during South Swell)
Best Wind Direction W, SW, NW
Best Tide Mid ( from low to high)
Current/RipThe current can be strong at times, with permanent rips near the rocks on the south and north side of the beach. There will be scattered rips within the beach.
Best Swell size 2-5 ft
Surfers’ levelAdvanced Surfers
Localism Non-existence, however, high level of surfers may intimidate you.
Summary of Best Surfing Condition For Curl Curl Beach

Is it Safe to Swim At Curl Curl Beach?

Curl Curl Beach is patrolled throughout the year, 9-5 during summer. Due to strong rips and solid shore breaks, it can be dicey at times. Always swim between the flags and watch your children when they are near the water.

There are two rock pools one on the South Curly and the other on the North Curly which can be a great option for someone who is unfamiliar with waves or wants to do lap swimming.

South Curly Rockpool – drained for cleaning.

Shark Attacks At Curl Curl Beach

There was one recorded shark attack at Curl Curl Beach back in 1961

Please see here for detailed shark attacks on Sydney Beaches

Can You Swim At The Curl Curl Lagoon?

Swimming at the Curl Curl Lagoon is not recommended due to the high pollution.

Parking at Curl Curl Beach

Compared to Manly and Freshwater Beach, parking is slightly more manageable. There are three beachfront parking spaces.

Small car park on the South Curly and the top of the rockpool.

Large car park on the Mid section of Curl Curl

Large Car Park on the North Curly.

These are paid parking spaces, 10 dollars an hour. If you have a Northern Beaches Council Parking Permit, it’s free.

Street parking is free in Curl Curl along the beach

Access To The Beach

There are several access points to the beach. It’s almost direct access from any car park, and sometimes you must pass some dune to get to the beach. It’s less than a 50-metre walk to the beach wherever you park. It’s pretty obvious to see the entrance as you approach the beach.

Is Curl Curl Beach Dog Friendly?

While dogs are not allowed on the beach, there are two spots in Curl Curl where dogs can go wild leash-free. Flora and Ritchie Roberts Reserve is a fantastic grass-covered area on the top of the Curl Curl Beach and Curl Curl Lagoon on the North Curl Curl is also wholly dog friendly where dogs can splash at any time.

Other Activities Around Curl Curl Beach

Skate, Scooter and Bike Riding At Netball Court

There is a netball court a 2 minutes drive from Curl Curl Beach. This is a fantastic place for your kids to ride bicycles and scooters and practice surfing and skating. It is slightly slopped, allowing it to generate speed, and there are five netball courts, each around 100 metres long.

Unfortunately, being a netball court, it’s being used during Netball season: Feb – July.

There is also a skatepark next to Curl Curl Beach.

Curl Curl To Freshwater Coastal Walk

This is one of the MUST TO DO when you are visiting Curl Curl. This coastal walk is well-paved and safe for children while enjoying the spectacular view of the raw ocean.

Restaurants Around Curl Curl Beach.

Curl Curl Beach contains most of the natural look compared to other beaches around the area. This means that there aren’t many restaurants around. A cafe on the beach’s south side serves excellent coffee and food.

Please Check Other Beaches Around Curl Curl

Freshwater Beach

Dee Why Beach

Manly Beach


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