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Collaroy Beach is located 20km north of Syndey Centre and at the heart of Northern Beaches. It’s unique in terms of beach direction and very protected from most south swells due to Longreef headland which sticks quite far out to the sea.

People will often come to surf here when 6+ foot waves overpower other beaches.

Snap Shot of Surfing at Collaroy Beach

Types of BreakBeach Break – Sand Bottom
Best Swell Direction NE
Best Wind Direction S, W, SW
Best Tide Mid Tide
Swell Size 3+foot *
Current / RIpGenerally, slow current and rip unless the wave size picks up.
Level Of SurfersAverage
Summary of Best Surfing Conditions for Collaroy Beach

*Please note that Collaroy Beach does not get much swell at all. If surrounding beaches have 4-6 foot waves, Collaroy Beach will only have 2-3 foot waves in the South corner near the pool.

Pros and Cons of Collaroy Beach

Beginner-friendly when the surf gets big elsewhereUnless it’s pretty big, Collaroy Beach will not have much swell
Great Rockpool Parking can be problematic in the main car park. However, plenty of parking nearby.
Longboard friendly waves Limited surfing zone and it will get packed when it’s surfable.
Family-friendly playground and restaurant Expensive parking unless you are Northern Beaches Resident.
Pros and Cons of Collaroy Beach
Most Of Collaroy Beach Is Not Very Surfable

Access to Collaroy Beach

Collaroy Beach is located next to the main road, so it’s effortless to access the beach. The easiest way is to drive, but there are Buses available including a B-line bus from the city.

Parking At Collaroy Beach

There are two main beachfront parking, and these get filled in quite quickly with beachgoers, family and visitors for the Colloary Hotel

South Side Beach Front Parking
North Side Main Car Park

It costs 10 dollars an hour for parking unless you have Northern Beaches Parking Permit.

4 Hours of Paid Parking

The main road parallel to Collaroy Beach offers free street parking outside the bus lane time zone – Weekdays Morning only.

What is causing erosion at Collaroy Beach?

Collaroy Beach became the centre of media attention in 2016 when storm-generated giant waves hit the beachfront multimillion-dollar properties. The erosion is likely caused by several issues including the rise of the sea level and intense storms that created big waves.

Sea erosion is a natural process where sand is taken away by the sea and rebuilt somewhere else.

In Collaroy, this significant erosion was nothing new. It occurred in 1920, 1945, 1967 and 1974.

Northern Beaches Council has given the green light to beachfront residents to build a 7-meter-high and 1.5km in length protection wall to protect the property and residents.

Shark attacks and Other Dangers At Collaroy Beach

There has not been documented shark attack at Collaroy Beach. However, there has been one documented shark attack on a spear fisherman in 1953.

See here for Sydney Shark Attack Reports and Guide

Blue Bottles comes around during the summer months. These are not fatal to humans, but they do hurt a lot!

Surfing Equipment Hire (2022 Price)

Wicks Surf Shop at Collaroy

Wick Surfboard hires soft and fibreglass surfboards only 50m from the beach.

Minimal/Longboard$30 for 2 hours
Softboard$25 for 2 hours
SUP*$50 for 2 hours
Bodyboard$20 for 2 hours
Surfing Equipment Hire Price At Wicks

*Narrabeen Lake is only 5 minute’s drive and it’s the perfect place for SUP (stand-up paddle board).

Surfboard Shop at Collaroy

Wicks Surf Shop

Stocks at Wicks

Wicks Surfboard shop has been a go-to place for surfers when getting the next board for years at Northern Beaches. Friendly staffing with excellent knowledge will help you to find suitable boards.

Shortboard Brands: All major surfing brands such as Firewire, JS and DHD except Al Merrick (Channel Island) and Lost Surfboards.

Longboard Brands: Wicks Surfboard, Tolhurst, Salty Gypsy, Firewire, Takayama and Critical Surf society.

They have small stocks of discounted items outside so check now and then for a surprise bargain.

Best Place To Eat After Surfing

Sloppy Tee’s

This beachfront local hotspot offers simple but delicious Brunch/Lunch menus.

Sloppy Tee’s

Right Next to Sloppy Tee’s is Collaroy Hotel offering a Great food and beverage menu with a superb view.

Best Places for Family at Collaroy Beach


Located on the south side of the beach, Collaroy Rockpool feels open to the ocean and has a nice sitting area to watch kids if you want to.

Playground on the south side of the beach. This Playground is suitable for all children.

Surrounding Beaches

Narrabeen Beach

Curl Curl Beach

Freshwater Beach


I have spent the last 15 years in Northern Beaches in Sydney and loves beaches. I have raised three beautiful children, all loving beaches and waves. I hope you share the same passion.

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