Complete Beach Guide: Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is the most iconic and most visited beach in Sydney, located at the city’s heart. 2.7 Million people visit the beach every year from all over the world. The Word Bondi originated from the Native Aboriginal word ‘Boondi’, meaning water breaking over the rocks or the noise of water breaking.

Snapshot of Bondi Beach Surfing Condition

Types of WavesBeach Break with rocks on the south end
Best Swell Direction SE, NE and E( Will have the most size from S)
Best Wind Direction W, SW, NW
Current/RipIt can be strong with large waves.
Best Swell size 2-5 ft
Surfers’ LevelBeginner-Intermediate with some advanced surfers
Crowd density High
Localism Low – visited by many different levels of surfers.
Bondi Beach’s Best Surfing Condition

Unsure of suitable conditions for beginner surfers? Read Here

Read here if you would like to learn tips on how to surf.

Water Temperature At Bondi Beach and Recommended Wetsuits/Swimwear

MonthAverage Water Temperature (Celcius / Ferienhight )Wetsuit guideline
January23 (73)Wetsuit Top + Boardshorts, Regular swimwear
February23 (73)Wetsuit Top + Boardshorts, Regular swimwear
March23 (73)Wetsuit Top + Boardshorts, Regular swimwear
April22 (73)Wetsuit Top + Boardshorts, Spring suit
May21 (70)Spring suit / Short arm wetsuit
June19 (66)Full Wetsuit 3/2
July18 (64)Full Wetsuit 3/2
August18(64)Full Wetsuit 3/2
September18 (64)Full Wetsuit 3/2
October19 (66)Full Wetsuit 3/2
November20 (68)Spring Suit / Short arm wetsuit
December22 (72)Wetsuit Top + Boardshorts, Regular swimwear
Wetsuit guidelines depend on water temp.

Please be mindful that it’s not only water temperature that matters. People have different cold/hot tolerance, and air and water temperature can fluctuate depending on the weather and current. Time spent in the water is also crucial as you slowly lose heat.

Parking At Bondi Beach.

Bondi Beach offers some free parking along the street and paid parking. Depending on the street, the parking hours and fees vary, so please ensure you check before you leave the spot. And do not think you can get away from those parking rangers; it’s worth paying 5-10 dollars in parking fees than paying 100+ dollars on a fine.

There are two beachfront parking spaces with a 9.5 dollars per hour fee and a 4-hour limit.

Beachfront parking at Bondi Beach
4-hour parking limit, 9.5 dollars an hour
North Bondi, beachfront parking. 4-hour parking limit. 9.5 dollars per hour.
Free street parking at South Bondi, 2-hour limit.

Surfing Lessons At Bondi Beach

Let’s Go Surfing is the only surfing lesson provider at Bondi Beach, located far southern side of the beach.

Let’s Go Surfing at Bondi

There offer group and private lessons. See Below for Lesson prices ( 2022-2023). Lessons are 2 hours long, and all the equipment, including wetsuits. There is an individual changing room inside their shop. The group lesson has no more than five people at a lesson, making it quite personal.

Surfing lesson Price at Let’s Go Surfing Bondi
Change room – Let’s Go Surfing.

Please read this information if you are unsure whether to have surfing lessons.

How long is long enough for surfing lessons? Read here

Please see here if you want to book or find more information about Let’s go surfing.

Is Bondi Safe Beach For Beginner Surfers?

Bondi is the ideal surfing spot for beginner surfers. This beach consistently delivers waves year-round, offering ride-worthy swells on most days. With the added assurance of professional lifeguard patrols, Bondi Beach provides a safety net that surpasses that of non-patrolled beaches.

Stretching across a lengthy and uniform sandbank, Bondi’s waves maintain their frothy whitewash for an extended period. This extended whitewash duration translates into longer rides, making it an ideal setting for those new to the sport.

Nevertheless, Bondi’s popularity draws a diverse crowd, encompassing surfers of varying skill levels. Acquiring the art of navigating through this bustling environment becomes imperative before venturing out. For guidance on mastering this skill, you can find valuable insights here.

Understanding your limits is a fundamental aspect of surfing safety. Venturing into a large surf without adequate skill and experience jeopardises your safety and those around you. In times of uncertainty, observing and learning from seasoned surfers serves as a prudent and responsible approach.

Surfboard Hire At Bondi Beach

There are three places you can hire surfboards at Bondi Beach.

  1. Surf-dive-ski:

They offer a great deal: a 4-hour rental at 30 dollars. Most beginner surfers would last 1-2 hours in the water, so 4 hours are long enough for two people to share. The board is yours for a whole day if you pay ten more dollars.

If you are getting into surfing, you may want to purchase a second-hand surfboard. Please read here all things about purchasing secondhand surfboards.

They do not stock many boards, so call them before visiting. It’s about 100 metres from the beach, and the longboard can be heavy. If you are a beginner female surfer, it may not be easy to carry the board down the beach and back up yourself.

They do not have a wetsuit rental.

Surf Dive Ski at Bondi. Located near the Mid-South of Bondi
Surf Dive Ski Surfboard Hire price
Available surfboards at Surf Dive SKi

2. Rip Curl Shop

Rip Curl at Bondi is located right next to Surf Dive Ski and offers surfboard hire. They have both soft boards and fibreglass boards.

They do not stock many boards, so call to check the available boards over the phone first.

As of 2023, they have 6-8 foot soft boards and 6’6 – 6’8 fibreglass surfboards.

If you would like to know what size surfboard you should get, read here

Rental price is

  • 30 dollars for soft board for all day ( during their business hours)
  • 40 dollars for fibreglass board for all day ( during their business hours)

They do not have a wetsuit rental.

Ripcurl at Bondi Beach

3. Let’s Go Surfing

They offer surfing lessons and hires. All boards are soft surfboards, and they have plenty of stocks and many different sizes. They are pretty close to the beach, so it’s easier to carry the board to the beach.

Surfboard hire at Let’s Go Surfing

Compared to the other two places, they are the most expensive. However, 2 hours are more than enough for beginner surfers, so you probably spend about the same amount. They also offer wetsuit rentals and changing rooms.

They keep your belonging while hiring.

Please note that North Bondi is a soft board-only area. This is to protect young children and swimmers.

Even if you have a soft board, always be mindful of someone in front of you. Never attempt to catch waves if someone is in front because the surfer’s weight and the large soft board can add to the impact, causing significant harm.

No Fibreglass surfboard on North Bondi

How To Get To Bondi Beach.

There are several options for getting to Bondi Beach.

  1. Drive: it is 15 minutes from CBD. However, parking is NOT easy, and traffic can be pretty congested during weekends or peak traffic hours.
  2. Public transport: Direct bus route 333 from Sydney CBD.
  3. You can ride a push bike. However, it’s quite a busy road with limited safe bike lanes. Always ride with caution.
Bus route 333, this iconic beach link, runs from the city centre directly to Bondi Beach.

Is It Safe To Swim At Bondi Beach?

Bondi Beach is great for swimming and is patrolled by professional lifeguards throughout the year. However, you must be responsible for your and your children’s safety. In Australia, lifeguards set up yellow and red flags on the beach, indicating a safe swimming zone.

Always swim between the flags, and do not go in if in doubt.

Be careful of the current: it can continuously push you in a particular direction without realising it. Therefore, even if swimming between the flags, look back towards the beach and constantly check your location. Current and sand bottom shapes can shift unexpectedly, creating a rip too.

If you have children, do not let them out of your sight. Beach condition changes constantly, and even competent swimmers can get into trouble. Lastly, Bondi is a highly crowded, and missing a child may occur.

Shark Attacks at Bondi Beach

Bondi has had the most shark attacks compared to other Sydney beaches. Since 1791, there have been 13 recorded shark attacks at Bondi, and four attacks were critical. The last attack occurred in 2009, and the victim lost his hand during the attack.

Read here for full details regarding shark attacks in Sydney and other helpful information about sharks.

It’s not clear why there have been more attacks in Bondi Beach. One plausible explanation would be simple math: a large number of visitors annually. The number of attacks was higher because more people were in the water.

Why Is Bondi Beach So Famous

Bondi has become one of the most iconic beaches because of its location and history. Bondi Beach is the closest beach to the city centre and has consistently great quality waves for surfers. Bondi Surf Life-saving Club and Icebergs Swimming Club is the oldest club in Australia.

Public Toilets on Bondi Beach

There are three public toilets on Bondi Beach.

Public toilet locations ( Red/Yellow Stars)
South Bondi Public Toilet
Bondi Pavilion public toilet and changing room (Mid Bondi)
South Bondi Public Toilet, North Bondi

Icebergs Swimming Club

Bondi Icebergs Swimming Club and Bistro

Located south of Bondi Beach, the Iceberg swimming pool is open to the general public all year around. The entry fee is 9 dollars for adults and 6 for children under 12. The entry fee allows the guest to access all the changing facilities and saunas.

It’s a truly spectacular location, and you can enjoy a cold beer after a swim at the Icebergs Bistro – you do not need to make a reservation.

Bondi Vs Manly

Number of Visitors2.7 Millions per year2.4 Millions per year
ProsEasy Access from City (Bus route 333)More Family-Friendly Vibes
Exciting, Young VibesGreat bike track
Lots of restaurant options, including many fast food restaurantsMore relaxed and local restaurants
There are rowdy crowds at times.Difficult to access from City: Ferry ( Some will Love this)
Many Topless girls – inappropriate for family Limited cheap food options compared to Bondi ( No McDonald/Hungry Jacks at Manly)
Bondi Vs Manly

Are There Jellyfish At Bondi Beach?

There are Jellyfish at Bondi Beach, predominantly during the summer months. However, there is no life-threatening jellyfish species in Sydney Beaches.

Bluebottle Jellyfish are the most common, and they can hurt humans. Their stings are not fatal but can cause significant pain. Bluebottle Jellyfish do not actively swim. It simply floats on the ocean’s surface. Being blue, people often swim over it or get close enough without realising and get their tentacles wrapped around the limbs.

Some very young, elderly or someone with allergies can have some complications. Once stung, wash off the remainder of the tentacles, and the sting can be treated by immersing the affected part in 40 degrees of hot water ( only if it can be tolerated) for 10 minutes. Even if untreated, the pain subsides over 1-2 hours, and sores disappear over several days.

Other Activities at Bondi Beach

1. Walking on Bondi Beach

You can enjoy walking the raised walking path just outside the sand. It’s about 1km long and has beautiful artwork on the wall.

Bondi walking path
Art work at Bondi

2. Bondi to Bonte walk

If you want to get closer to nature, there is a walking track from Bondi to Bonte. This track is 2.3km long, and the view is just breathtaking.

Bondi-Bronte walks, Bondi end.
Bondi to Bronte walk at Bonte Beach

3. Stakeboard Park

South of Bondi, there is a good stake board park

Stake park on Bondi

4. Outdoor Gym

If you don’t like missing out on working out, this one is for you. It’s always packed with muscular guys and never short of motivation and inspiration.

It’s located on the mid-north side of Bondi Beach.

Outdoor Public Gym on Bondi Beach

Places for Family on Bondi Beach

1. Playground

A playground and BBQ facility is near the Bondi Pavilion, in the middle of Bondi Beach. This playground would be suitable for kids under 10, and there is a changing room and toilet right next to it.

The playground on Bondi beach

2. Children’s Rockpool and BBQ

Located far north of Bondi beach, it’s great for kids under 3 to enjoy the water with supervision.

North Bondi Children’s Pool
BBQ Next to the children’s Pool

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